Working Transformer Robot Made with 3D Printing

Posted on November 28, 20123d-printed-robot-0

Anyone who follows this blog knows how fond we are of 3D printing, by far one of the biggest innovations this industry has experienced since Johannes Gutenberg first rolled out the his infamous press. We've been especially intrigued by its use in medical and rehabilitation applications, whether it's printing beaks for injured birds or even building bones and organs for people.

As impressive as these technical feats are, you can't help but appreciate it when a company just has some plain old fun with this new technology. Brave Robotics is one such company - they've been in the robotics game for a while but recently turned heads with their prototype of a remote control car that transforms into a walking robot at the push of a button. Anyone who grew up watching the Transformers can appreciate just how cool this is! Check out the video below.

3D Printed Robot Transformer

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