The Art of Clean Up by Ursus Wehrli

Posted on December 25, 2012

Switzerland-based artist Ursus Wehrli has released a book entitled "The Art of Clean Up". The overall theme is deceptively simple: take random everyday objects and organize them into neat rows by size and color with a precision that would appease even the most compulsive mind. The result is an often absurd, yet striking visual display of order from chaos.

Ursus says that his art was inspired by an especially meticulous staff at one of the hotels he stayed. He wondered how Van Gogh's room would look if organized in the same fashion, and a new obsession was born. You can read all about it in his previous book "Tidying Up Art" where he improves on famous paintings by organizing them.

There is an air of satire to Wehrli's work, this becomes even more evident as you watch him explain the concept in his own words.

Watch the video here

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